The auction, a French passion

Furniture, clothing, works of art, but also cars, livestock or businesses ...everything is now a pretext for auction.New and second-hand equipment.Almost a quarter of French people have already participated in one or more sales in rooms, by Internet or by telephone according to a Harris Interactive survey carried out in June 2015 for the Voluntary Sales Council (CVV), in charge of market regulation.

They are undoubtedly much more to have put with the clicks of the mouse on brokerage sites with auctions, which put in relation sellers and buyers, without the intermediation of a professional.vacationing in front of a computer has never been easier.

In 2014, 2.5 billion euros were awarded at public auctions, 25% of which was electronically.This amount only takes into account so-called "voluntary" sales, not those ordered by a court decision (liquidation, foreclosures …).“Despite the disaffection with current sales, made up of heterogeneous lots, not cataloged, all the junk recovered after a succession for example, the market is holding up thanks in particular to the growth of the used vehicles sector and industrial equipment and the horse sector ”, comments Loïc Lechevalier, general secretary of CVV.

Sales stars: used cars

Surprising: almost half of the total amount of auctions in France is generated by operators specializing in the sale of used vehicles, from long-term rental companies and fleet managers.”The star of car auctions, this is not the classic Bugatti but the second-hand Clio in good condition at 5,000 euros ”, points out Mr Lechevalier.And in the 2014 ranking of auction houses by auction amount, BC Auto Enchères and VP Auto, are well ahead of Sotheby's France, specialized in the field of Arts and collectibles.

Posted Date: 2020-11-26

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