60 years later, the prosecutor still remembers the Eichmann trial

Jerusalem (AFP) - A few days after the spectacular capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann, Gabriel Bach received a phone call that would change his life.His mission: to investigate the trial in Israel of one of the architects of the " final solution".

Gabriel Bach was deputy prosecutor when ex-SS lieutenant-colonel Adolf Eichman was kidnapped on May 11, 1960 by Mossad agents near Buenos Aires, then taken, drugged, to Israel via an El Al company flight..

The announcement of the capture of Eichmann, twelve days later by Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, had the effect of an earthquake in Israel and abroad.At 33, Gabriel Bach was called by the minister of Justice in person, Pinhas Rosen.

"He said to me: + Mr Bach, I imagine that you are going to be one of the prosecutors in this case, but I have a special request for you: can you take care of the Eichmann + investigation", tells AFP by phone the 93-year-old pensioner who lives in Jerusalem, these days in confinement due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

- Postcard from Auschwitz -

In April 1961, Attorney General Gideon Hausner led the legal proceedings against Eichmann, tried for his role in the Shoah, the extermination of millions of Jews by Nazi Germany, during the trial in Jerusalem before cameras around the world and renowned special envoys like Joseph Kessel and Hannah Arendt.

But it was Gabriel Bach who, for months, led the preliminary investigation, leading a team of around 40 police officers deployed in a prison in northern Israel, called for the occasion "Camp Iyar" and specially dedicated to the prisoner Eichmann.

Sixty years later, Gabriel Bach has not forgotten anything: "Not a day goes by that I do not remember a particular element, an exhibit, or a precise moment of the Eichmann trial."

Posted Date: 2020-12-27

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